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Divers Auteurs - Sounding harps vol.1 pour harpe celtique

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Dunadana dorcha donn (Spinning song)
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Dunadana dorcha donn (Spinning song)
Sean Bui (John Bull)
Is umbo agus eiriu (Lullaby)
Gheobhair, a phaiste (For you, my child)
Oro, bhuachaillin, seol do bho (young fellow, drive your cow)
Ta'n Samhradh ag teacht (Summer is coming)
The sprightly widow
Nil se'na la (It is not day)
Mallai Bhan (Fair Molly)
Einini (Little birds)
Slow air
An cuimhin leat an oiche ud (do you remember that night ?)
Giolla na Scriob (The wandering lad)
Baidin Fheilimidh (Phelimy's boat)
Con O'Leary's lamant
A ruin, fan agam (My dear, stay with me)
An beinnsin Luachra (The little bundle of rose)
Sir Patrick Bellew
Im bim babaro (work song) for three harps
An ghaost aneas (The wind from the south)
Thugamar fein an Samhradh linn (We brought the summer with us)
Bog braon do'nt Seanduine (Warm a drop for the baby)
Bean an Fhir Ruaidh (The red-haired man's wife)
Pe'n Eirinni (whoever she may be)
Seotholo thoil (Lullaby)
Mo Ghile Mear (My bright prince)
Fanny power
Na Sioga (The fairies)
Burn's march
Song of the chanter
William O'Flinn
Sugradh Beanntrai (the humours of Bantry)
Ballinderry, for two harps

Arrangeur :

Formation : harpe à pédales - pedal harp

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