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Boieldieu François-Adrien - Sonata in G Op. 8/2 (pedal harp)

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Edited for pedal harp by Isabelle Perrin.

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Edited for pedal harp by Isabelle Perrin.

It is my greatest pleasure to present this new edition of the only Boieldieu Harp Sonata remaining at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. The title indicates Sonata secundo (secundo written as II°) which means that there should have been a number I, probably lost over the years.

In this publication, I have respected all of the original indications, adding only the pedal changes. As one can see, only some chords have arpeggio indications : I have chosen to give harpists the whether to arpeggiate or not. My own feeling is that more chords, even when not indicated, could or should be arpeggiated.

I hope you enjoy playing this wonderful piece of music.

Isabelle Perrin
Paris, October 2009


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