Scott Andy - Jukebox for solo harp
  • Scott Andy - Jukebox for solo harp
  • Scott Andy - Jukebox for solo harp

Scott Andy - Jukebox for solo harp

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duration 14 minutes

A major new work for solo harp in six movements by Andy Scott. Commissioned by and composed for Sioned Vlfilliams. The
world premiere of Jukebox was given by Sioned Williams at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London in October 2014.

The 1950’s were the heyday of the vinyl record jukebox, and this 14-minute work for solo harp mirrors the concept of a jukebox
playing short ‘singles’ that differ in style and feel.

RPM - Settling into a groove with rhythms lightly bouncing over a strong pulse, RPM was composed in 2020 as an additional
movement to Jukebox.

Jump - Angular and bold, this movement refers to the record player arm jumping on the vinyl record and is influenced by the
jazz pianist and composer Thelonius Sphere Monk.

Vinyl - Vinyl records were introduced intojukeboxes in the early 1950’s. This was an exploratory period in the jukebox history,
and musically we ‘feel our way’ in this ‘single’, via dense and chro-matic harmony, with moments of incisiveness alongside more
introspective moments.

Groove - Refers to both the music relaxing into a groove, and also the single continuous groove that is found on a vinyl record.

Stylus - Fragile and delicate, Stylus has a transparent feel portrayed via the use of harmonics. The point of contact between a
record playing device and the vinyl record is the stylus which is often made out of sapphire or diamond.

Turntable - This final ‘single’ in Jukebox is rhythmic, bold, and complements the often bright and colourful jukebox exterior
design. This piece is named after the rotating disk that spins the record on a phonograph.

Watch and listen to six harpists (Sioned Williams, Keziah Thomas, Lauren Scott, Alex Rider, Elizabeth Bass &
Eleanor Turner) perform Jukebox at www.bit.|y/jukeboxharp

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