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Godefroid Felix - 20
  • Godefroid Felix - 20
  • Godefroid Felix - 20

Godefroid Felix - 20 études mélodiques for the harp

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Pour grande harpe (double mouvement)

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Pour grande harpe (double mouvement)

Expression (thumb)
Crossed arpeggios
Expression (4 finger)
Reversed arpeggios
Melody and arpeggios in the same hand
Melody and arpeggios in Both hands
Scales (right hand)
Scales (left hand)
Large chords
Smooth and Even R.H.
Right hand thumb : slide and jump
Syncopated accompaniment
Sliding thumb and turns
Second finger repetition
Left hand muffling
Sliding 3rds, 6ths, and octaves
Four fingered trills

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Formation : Méthode de harpe - Methods and Studies for harp